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for noah posner who was smart as a whip with a twin sifter who survived the shooting. jack pinto was a huge fan of the new york giants. his name was written on his cleats alongside the words my hero and said he was playing the game for jack. they will reopen tonight except for sandy hook elementary. they will return to school on wednesday in a school in a neighboring town and that will be their school for the foreseeable future. state police will hold a news conference and we will bring that to you live. there have been new developments this morning on the "today" show, the police spokesman said police found no evidence that adam lanza went to sandy hook elementary school on thursday and got into an argument with four adult staff members as had first been reported. >> we have been able to look at that and find out that there was
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no report of any altercation involving the shooter, the suspect, if you will, at all at that facility. >> last night president obama led the nation in mourning. he spoke at a memorial service for the 27 victims. it's his fourth trip to a community shaken by a mass shooting. he directed an emotional speech and said the country has failed our children. >> can we honestly say we are doing enough to keep our children from home? i have been reflecting on this and if we are honest with ourselves, the answer is no. we are not doing enough. in the coming weeks, i will use whatever power this office holds to engage my fellow citizens from law enforcement and mental health professionals and parents and educators in an effort aimed at preventing more tragedies like this.
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because what choice do we have? >> george w. bush's remarks following 9/11, president obama's speech attempted to mourning and galvanize and he spoke as a parent and frustrated american and maybe one of the most speeches barack obama will give as president and though he spoke movingly, he never used the words guns. he is allowing listeners to take lessons from gun culture and laws from mental health and video games and parental responsibility. >> reprepared to say we are powerless in the face of such carnage? that the politics are too hard? are we prepared to say the violence visited on our children year after year after year is somehow the price of our freedom? >> before the speech the president met privately with first responders and families of the vehicles. the daughter of sandy hook
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principal dawn hochsprung tweeted this picture of the had the holding dawn's granddaughter and the family of emilie tweeted this picture. >> let the children come to me, jesus said. do not hinter them. for to such belong the kingdom of heaven. charlotte, daniel, olivia, josephine, ana, dylan, madeleine, catherine, chase, jesse, james, grace, emilie, jack, noah, caroline, jessica,
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benjamin, avielle, allison. >> learning more about what happened on friday about the victims and the gunman and the extraordinary heroism. from washington our investigative correspondent live at newtown high school. let me start with you, pete. what's the latest on the investigation and the question that investigators said they will tell us at some point which is how closer are we to knowing why? >> not much that i know of, chuck. they had been hopeful that they could extract some information from the computers that he had in the home. he was very into computers, they say. he was very socially with drawn.
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he was very engaged with computers. they say before he left his mother's house on the morning that he shot and killed her while she was sleeping, he damaged extensively his computers that he took the hard drive out and tried to tamper with the inside of it and pulled the disk out and did a lot of damage to it. it's not clear whether they will be able to extract information and they will try their best and there is hope they will find something. there was no letter or note left behind. he was not someone who apparently was involved in social media. he didn't post things on websites or chat rooms. there is precious little to go on there. in terms of his movements or what he was doing in the weeks leading up to this, that's still something they are trying to find out. where did this ammunition come from. it was that his mother had or
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was he trying to go online and order it? was he buying it in person? that's not at all clear. the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms is going around to shorting goods and shooting ranges and found no evidence he bought anything at these places. they know he visited shooting ranges and don't know if he shot any guns there, although many friends of his mother say that she often took the children to shoot at the shooting ranges. it would appear from the fact that he was able to do so much damage in such a short period of time he was familiar with the weapons. he did have experience firing them. >> how hard is it to track ammunition? >> we know we can track gun sales, but how hard is it to track ammunition? >> it's harder, but if they can find from his computer, for example, records that he bought it online, that would be helpful. if they find any records that he
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bought it in stores, that would be helpful. it's harder to track than firearms themselves which if you buy from a federally licensed dealer, there records. >> you have been focused on trying to learn more about the shooter's mother, nancy lanza. what have you learned since being on the ground there? >> if anything, this becomes even more inexplicable. we talked to a number of friends of nancy lanza who all say first of all that she was a caring woman. very concerned about the welfare of her son. she told her friends that he suffered from aspergers and he was with drawn and a recluse and she was trying to help him get a job and find a place to go to college and pursue studies, but it was clearly a very difficult subject for her. at the same time these friends have described that she had
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become a gun enthusiast in the last few years and had performed these weapons just a few years ago. she would take them to shooting ranges and take adam her son to shooting ranges. friend said that she thought this was a way to teach him responsibility and be responsible and safe around guns and at least the perception was that he did that. he took these guns seriously and there is still a lot here that doesn't add up clearly. all these friends that we have talked to, some had direct interactions with adam lanza saying they never heard any evidence of violence or threats that he made against his mother. one told us he was a vegan. on moral grounds. therefore his mother had to go out and find only vegan foods that she could bring home for him to eat.
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>> i know we have a statement from peter lanza, the gunman's father. our family is grieving along with all those who have been affected. no words can express how heartbroken we are. we are in a state of disbelief and trying to find whatever answers we can. what do you know about the relationship with his father? >> not that much. his father would sometimes call, at least the friends of nancy lanza had the impression that that was not a lot of interaction and that the father didn't see the son all that often. there were not a lot of trips there. the brother, ryan, of course there was a closer relationship and reason to think the father may have helped the son get a job. we don't really know about that. that is the whole family dynamic here. at this point it remains as much a mystery as a lot of other
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aspects of the case. >> staying on top of this and trying to help us unravel this and get at core question, why. >> the tragedy at sandy hook will start a lot of conversations. it will start policy debates from gun control to mental health to a culture that desensitizes violence and maybe exposes the most vulnerable to school safety to the role of parental responsibility. so far most of the conversation yesterday among political leaders centered around guns. mayor bloomberg told david gregory it's time for the president to translate his views on gun control into action. >> it's time for the president, i think, to stand up and lead. this should be his number one agenda. he's the president of the united states. if he does nothing in his second term, something like 48,000 americans will be killed with illegal guns. >> also on "meet the press,"
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california senator dianne feinstein said she will introduce a bill to reintroduce the assault weapons ban. >> ban the sale, and the importation and perspectively. it will ban the same for big clips, runs or strips of more than ten bullets. >> i think america is ready. they will have an opportunity with this bill. >> will the president speak out in favor? >> i believe he will. >> after the "new york times" reported that the justice department drew up guidelines for expanded background systems to keep guns out of the hand of the mentally ill. carolyn mak carthy's husband was killed and promised she will embarrass the white house on gun control if she has to release the letter to the president calling for him to take immediate action to improve the
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background check system for gun purchases in the united states. advocates for gun rights have been strikingly quiet in the last 48 hours. the nra said they would have no comment until all the facts are thoroughly known. betsy fisher marten tweeted they tweeted to all senators in the congress to invite them to share views. no takers. texas congressman was pretty much alone on sunday defending the nation's gun law saying the tragedy could have been stopped if sandy hook's principal had access to her own weapon. >> i wish to god she had an m 4 in her office so she pulls it out and she had nothing in her hands. she takes his head off before he could kill those kids. >> meanwhile mayor bloomberg argued the nra is not as powerful as it once was. >> the nr a's number one
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objective this time was to defeat barack obama for a second term. the last time i checked the election results he won and won comfortably. the myth that they can destroy political careers is not true. >> this is going to be a policy debate and potentially political fight that could dominate in 2013. joe lieberman is calling for a restoration of the assault weapons ban, but a national commission on mass violence in the wake of this tragedy. we are keeping a close eye on the news conference that we expect to begin sometime in the next 15 to 20 minutes in newtown. we will bring it to you live as soon as it begins. first as we always do, here's a look at the president's schedule. nothing public. lots of private meetings and movement on the fiscal cliff talks. i will have more on that later. you are watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. you can prevent gas with beano meltaways,
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it may be hard to comprehend the twisted logic that led to this tragedy, but this much we do know. no faith justifies these murderous acts. >> this tragedy prompts reflection and debate as it should. let's make sure it's worthy of those we have lost. >> i hope that over the next several days, next several weeks and next several months we all reflect on how we can do something about the senseless
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violence. >> that was president obama after a bunch of mass shootings that he had to help the country mourn after they happened while he has been president. in texas and colorado and now connecticut. he tried to use words to ease the pain and vowed to use political power to address the issue of this violence whether it's guns and culture be remains to be seen if the american public is on board. senator lieberman, good morning to you. i want to get your reaction to the president's speech. >> he was magnificent. he spent a lot of time with the families who lost loved ones and with the first responders. that was very important to them. he was just very comforting and very strengthening.
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he was himself very moved. secondly i thought his speech was powerful both in evoking our tradition of faith in times of crisis in america and being comforting, but really most significant of all, he had a real resolve. it was deeply appreciated in the high school auditorium. these tragedies must end. he is going to use his power, the power of the presidency to see as best he can that they will end. i was very heartened by that. nobody knows exactly what he is going it do, but this is a big item for him to take on. a big pause that is real. i think he can make a tremendous effect on the future safety of our children in our country. >> after columbine, i regarded
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you, president clinton at the time, and vice president gore and tipper gore, there was this movement to deal with the culture aspect. s in we had the gun issue and access to assault weapons that doesn't pass the common sense tests, if you will. like what's the right to bear arms compared to the right to bear a weapon of military mass destruction. on the culture front, i want to read you a quote and you will be heartened by this. jamie fox told ap yesterday, we cannot turn our back and say that violence in films or anything we do doesn't have a sort of influence. it does. how do we tackle that subject? >> i appreciate jamie fox's comment. the social science and there is a lost research on this backs up what he said. that repeated experiences with violence, particularly in the ever more realistic media of our day like video games and certainly in movies and even in
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music really does have an effect on young people and older people who are involved in them a lot. they obviously don't make everybody who plays a video game into a mass murderer, but there people out there who are vulnerable and almost every one. cases going back to columbine, we found a troubled young man who was involved with some kind of violence in our culture then got access to guns and killed. in 1999 after columbine, and i and others introduced a measure to create a national commission on youth violence at that time. it passed the senate and got drafted in a conference committee and time to go back to that. >> what would this do. walk me through. everything about this tragedy was familiar. that's what was so devastating.
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young male with a history of potential mental illness and easy access to guns and possibly a video gamer. there is a pattern. >> right. there is a pattern and that's why i propose the commission. it may be that the president himself can appoint a commission that doesn't have to be done by congress and maybe that he can lead the national discussion. i made this proposal because i don't want us to lose the hurt and the anxiety they're we feel now and our resolve to do something. often time dulls the hurt and anger. gun control measures are put into congress and boxed up and we go on until the next tragedy. i don't think we can afford that. i was heartened last night by the president's commitment and i think that raises the prospects that we will do something about this. but the commission would really be brud broadly represented and wouldn't mind having people in
6:23 am
the gun rights groups or the entertainment industry. this needs to be a national discussion where we sit down and say these are our children. this is us. we are not trying to get you in the entertainment industry or the gun rights people. we are trying to protect all of us and can't we do common sense things to do that? that includes more gun control, better mental health for the troubled kids and also have a tone down of the violence in the entertainment. >> what are the policies on the entertainment? you can make money without showing blood on the screen. just ask george lucas in "star wars" that has shown a lot of fighting scenes and no need for blood there. what are the policy loopholes? we know on the guns it has to do with the ammunition and the gun show and assault weapons. what about mental health? >> you mean what can be done? right. the application of the background check to more than purchase of a gun at a federal
6:24 am
firearms dealer, but at gun shows it is very important. assault weapons are weapons created by the u.s. military for use in war and not by gunmakers for commercial and sports or hunting or target practice and unfortunately they are very widely used. when it comes to mental health, this is complicated and don't consider myself an expert. you have to find a way to create a society in which those closest to people in trouble mentally acknowledge that and are able to get -- i mean parents and family and friends and teachers get the assistance and make sure our insurance system and all the rest will make that possible. on the entertainment culture front, the end result because we are so appropriately protective of our freedom, we don't say no, we can't do this. we have a lot of ratings systems
6:25 am
and we have ratings on video games that are not supposed to be bought by minors. are those being enforced? we have to reopen the conversation and go back and ask ourselves, is there more we can do and more as you suggest as a reference to george lucas that the entertainment industry can do to protect our children and their children. the reality is i suppose it's easier to make money with heavy violence in the entertainment culture, but there better ways to make money in the entertainment world and a lot of people are doing it. >> senator lieberman, thank you. i know you have been mourning with the folks in newtown. thanks very much. >> thanks, j. >> new developments on the fiska will cliff argument in washington. we expect to hear from them and will bring that briefing as soon
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this coffee cup, for example, is computer animated. it's not real. geico's customer satisfaction is quite real though. this computer-animated coffee tastes dreadful. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15 % or more on car insurance. someone get me a latte will ya, please? . >> a few things on the radar this morning. fiscal cliff talks and the latest on secretary of state hillary clinton's concussion. in light of friday's events, the conversation of the fiscal cliff has taken on a different tone. both sides are aware this is not the time for pettiness. over the weekend, house speaker john boehner made a significant concession. he proposed a republican counteroffer that would raise tax rates on incomes of $1 million or more from 800 billion
6:30 am
to around $1 trillion. in exchange he is looking for cuts in entitlements, a number close to $1 trillion. the last offer was $600 billion. both sides would agree to broughten taxes and reform and include mow triggers in fiscal cliffs. it would raise the debt ceiling to last until next year, possibly buying down sequestration. i will take you live to newtown, connecticut with the first press conference of the day. >> relative to educational process here in town. let's talk about the schools right now with lieutenant sinko. >> it's still going on and schools are working closely with the faculty, students and parents to try to be respectful and resume what normalcy we can after a tragedy such as this.
6:31 am
all the faculty is meeting at the newtown high school to plan further on how to handle best and address the needs of the students and faculty involved in this horrendous tragedy. there will be no school today. the plan is to try to resume normalcy for school classes tomorrow except for those members at the sandy hook school. they will be excused until further notice and they are developing plans on how to best handle that as we speak. >> thank you, lieutenant. we are continuing the line of communication with the troopers and officers assigned to the families as we have the services. additional troopers have been assigned to work each one of the funeral services with local officers and other police partners. we are asking the media again at
6:32 am
the families' request to respect their privacy as they go through this extremely difficult time. state crime detectives have been working 24 hours a day since the tramg dee occurred and will ton to do so indefinitely as they continue to answer questions surrounding this tragedy and how and why it occurred. they are continuing to interview witnesses as i stated previously and i cannot overstate, there many, many witnesses that need to be interviewed. we will not stop until we intrude every last one of them. we are holding both crime scenes, the school and the secondary crime scene indefinitely. we have seized it under search warrants and we are going to hold those locations until we have completed our work and we feel it is appropriate to let them go. not to read into that, it is common practice to do that and hold on to the crime scene as long as is needed for
6:33 am
investigative purposes. we have begun processing the evidence and analyzing the evidence. as i stated yesterday just to use an example, the weaponry, every single facet of the weapons will be analyzed. every round of ammunition will be looked at and examined for physical evidence. i alluded yesterday to the volume of rounds, for example, that were seized and recovered. each singular round will be examined. that gives you an idea of the pain staking length of that process. all the evidence will be processed. we will analyze each piece and i cannot detail the contents of the evidence or even what that evidence is for public consumption. i want to restate again and thank you for helping us in this, but any threats, any information intended to mislead
6:34 am
investigators in this case will in fact be completely and thoroughly investigated and if appropriate, prosecuted if anyone attempts to threaten or mislead this investigation. as you know, there were a couple yesterday and those two are active criminal investigations. teams of state police detectives and newtown detectives have been assigned to investigate those as ancillary criminal cases, if you will. the crisis teams are still in place. i want to give you that phone number again. there are many people in the town and this phone line is open to anyone, anyone who needs to discuss anything or needs support from professionals. they are staffing this line from the hospital. that number is 203-270-4283. at this time i will entertain some questions.
6:35 am
again, please keep in mind that there certain areas we can't go down at this point. yes, ma'am? >> [inaudible]. >> what i will do is address that. i'm aware of the situation in the town of richfield. the local police department is handling that situation. there is a report of a suspicious person, a suspicious person that may in fact be armed. we are not sure what the situation is. we sent appropriate personnel in that direction to assist richfield, but richfield is handling that situation and there has been no updates other than that. >> [inaudible]. . >> the schools again are safe with the richfield officers and police department. they are handling that. >> you mentioned that you are interviewing every witness. can you talk about how you are approaching that? >> i don't want to get into details. it's a very, very tender, tender issue.
6:36 am
any interviews with any children will be done with professionals and parents and with investigators as appropriate. the investigators will determine how, when, where and why we will do this. this is extremely delicate when the time arises. yes, sir? >> is there medical or mental health professionals come forward to say whether they were treating adam lanza and if they are out there, can you ask them to come forward. >> we ask anyone to come forward who can assist us. when i talk about the weaponry and the analysis, the same thing holds true with the suspect. we will go back to the date of birth. we will answer every question determining any medical condition and any issue that he may have been involved in. i am not at liberty to discuss
6:37 am
medical content or any of the information so far uncovered. suffice it to say i want to make you understand that we will cover every facet. yes, sir? >> there reports that law enforcement was concerned about adam lanza previously? >> we have been in discussions with newtown police and there was no priest contact or concerns prior to this tragic event. yes, sir? >> more detail on how he proceeded in the school and what he did once inside? >> i can't do that. it's too difficult to discuss. i'm not going to lie. it's too difficult to discuss. i can tell you as i have been, the suspect forced his way into the school before and as he began to take human life there in. i simply don't want to and it's not appropriate for us to go any further with that. yes, ma'am? officers still handling the
6:38 am
gunshots and is there information about whether or not lanza tried to -- [inaudible]. . >> the question is are we checking. we are not only checking the weaponry, but newtown police are working with us and other state agencies are searching databases and every record and everything we can possibly uncover. again, if anyone in fact had any contact with the suspect at any range or any location, we want to talk to them if we haven't yet. >> any progress made in trying to get the information from the computer he had? >> i can tell you that our computer's crime unit and part of the forensic laboratory are working nonstop in examining any evidence seized at any location literally whether it's cell phones and computers. all that electronic evidence will be analyzed and we certainly will dissect it, if you will. yes, sir? >> did he destroy evidence in his home? >> can't discuss the evidence.
6:39 am
i'm sorry. i cannot do that. >> is there a second survivor? you said there two survivors? >> yes, two adults that were injured in the facility in the school that suffered gunshot wounds and are recovering. >> do you have the ids? >> i don't have any information of what he was carrying on his person. >> how did he get his brother's id? >> i don't have any information. >> was there a surveillance system? >> i'm not aware of that. i don't have that information. in the back sir? >> [inaudible]. >> that will be a town decision. the leaders are possessing that school and holding that school as a crime scene indefinitely. i can't tell you what that means. i don't know how long that will
6:40 am
be. i'm suspecting months. at that time it's up to the town officials to determine exactly what's appropriate with that building. yes, sir? >> can you talk about any -- [inaudible]. . >> we're provide the the survivors with the same conduit we provided all the other victims. law enforcement escort, if you will. our investigators will in fact speak with them when it's medically appropriate and certainly they will shed a great deal of light on the facts and the circumstances of this tragic circumstance. >> the amount of ammunition, the governor talked about it. do you believe he had wider vision inside that school that reported because of the principal? >> i think what's important is i can't speculate what would have occurred. that would be wrong on my part. i can tell you that the faculty
6:41 am
and staff in that school did everything they possibly could to protect those children. i can tell you the first responder who is got to the school and saved many human lives. it broke our hearts when we couldn't save them all. quite frankly there the victims and the families in this situation that really are a focus. our attention right now. we will leave that there. >> is there added presence in other schools around the state? >> under the leadership of the governor and all the local officials, many, many schools are showing law enforcement support and security and i must state very emphatically, it is not funny, it is not a joke, it is not acceptable for anyone to make any kind of inner threat or statement relative to the security in the individual schools. respect what's occurred here and
6:42 am
certainly we are going to do our best to ensure security state-wide. law enforcement and the professionals at each institution in connecticut. what i would like to do now is tell you that i don't want to keep coming and i will come here every day if it's necessary. i don't want to come and just tell you everything is under investigation. in the next week, we will probably have by 12 noon today if we can get here to bring you up to date with anything we may have, but we are going to start scaling back the briefings and put everything that is necessary to the investigation on our website. we will talk more about that at noon time, but i want to give you a heads up that we truly believe that keeping you here is probably somewhat counterproductive. i would restate again, please, the families requested privacy during the services and i know you folks have been great and would ask you to continue to do
6:43 am
so. we will see you before noon. thank you. >> can you give us numbers on investigators and staff? >> i can tell you it's significant. well over a couple hundred tr p trootroo troopers and federal agencies and the total number i would be just grasping a number out of the sky. thank you. >> that's the first press conference of the connecticut state police this morning. you heard him making that plea about asking the media to stay away from the funerals and the security that they have set up for the first funerals that begin today. we'll be right back. you are watching "the daily rundown" only on m srsnbmsnbc. ♪ ♪
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i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. washington is in a very different place than they were
6:47 am
last friday at this time. democratic pollster and from "the washington post," susan, we have seen this before. what made this harder is it feels like we are in a routine. there is a mass shooting and nothing gets done. the president seemed to acknowledge that this is a pattern and he wants to have a different conversation this time. will it be different? >> it's the fourth time he has gone to a ceremony like the one yesterday where he is expressing the nation's sorrow and saying things need to be different. he did have a different tone. this is an issue that defied efforts to address despite the shooting at gabby give ffords a despite aurora. i'm in a wait and see mode to see whether this was different. >> watching democrats deal with the issue in the 90s, clinton tried to take the gun issue and merge it with culture and
6:48 am
parental stuff and sort of go after hollywood in a way that not everybody -- going on the joe lieberman side of things. that are are public opinion shows that there is widespread support for a whole host of tightening of just common sense gun laws. 40% of gun sales don't require a background check. overwhelming support with gun owners for tightening that and making it a requirement and making it harder to traffic guns and banning high capacity all of that. we can do that. we can demand a plan and do that. >> you know, nia, the issue is when you look at the way congress is, the republican congress, their congressional districts are drawn in such a way, a majority of pro-gun voters out there live in republican congressional districts. it's more rural. i mean, it's going to be politically impossible. >> that's right. i think the gun lobby has been very successful in sort of
6:49 am
threatening a primary for all of these folks. >> they use the magic phrase slippery slope. we actually had a reverse slippery slope. they use it in order to make it so there's even less -- >> weaker gun laws. >> right. they make the argument that maybe if folks on the ground there at the school had been armed, maybe this wouldn't have happened. >> not everybody is making that argument. you only had one or two. >> some people. teachers aren't making that argument. you do hear some people making that argument. i do think this will be a turning point. i thought immediately of the 16th street baptist church bombing and the four little girls killed in that episode. it really changed the way people thought about civil rights. it was a turning point. when you read the names of these kids and you see 6, 7, over and over again, it's just so jarring that this could be a turning point. >> there is sort of a short pyramid pact in washington. the fiscal cliff negotiations seem small, petty and resolvable. >> and very solvable. in fact, you have seen big concessions -- >> all of a sudden this thing --
6:50 am
>> including, including raising the debt limit, raising the top rate on people with -- you can see where the compromise is. that's right. and how could we justify not coming -- >> having this conversation. >> -- this argument -- yeah. yeah. >> the question is does it last after the new year. >> there is clear public -- public opinion is behind it. people are behind it. this is the right moment. >> problem is, public opinion in general and public opinion in the republican congressional districts which is a different america. thank you all. thank you for the discussion. we'll be live in newtown, connecticut after the break. loc. no, it's worse -- look, our taxes are about to go up. not the taxes on our dividends though, right? that's a big part of our retirement. oh, no, it's dividends, too. the rate on our dividends would more than double. but we depend on our dividends to help pay our bills. we worked hard to save. well, the president and congress have got to work together to stop this dividend tax hike.
6:51 am
before it's too late.
6:52 am
6:53 am
before i leave this hour, let's go to newtown, connecticut. chris jansing has been there all weekend and chris, i know today, today as if every day hasn't been gut-wrenching, today may be even harder as the funerals
6:54 am
begin. >> two little boys who are going to be buried today. one, noah, who has a twin sister and an 8-year-old sister. another little boy, i mean, there's one catholic church here that lost 10 parishioners. i can show you the front page of the local newspaper. you see the picture, i can put it up a little more, barack obama. but the inside is what is really so hurtful. it's the obituaries of all these folks. that's what they are focusing on right here, right now, is trying to deal with the reality of what they have lost. there may be a time when people who are affected like this get involved in this larger conversation that we're having already about things like gun violence but today, chuck, it's about helping those families. >> all right, chris jansing. we'll be going to you any moment. thank you very much. that's it for this edition of "the daily rundown." we'll be right back here tomorrow morning. you won't just find us online, you'll also find us in person, with dedicated support teams
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at over 500 branches nationwide. so when you call or visit, you can ask for a name you know. because personal service starts with a real person. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. our support teams are nearby, ready to help. it's no wonder so many investors are saying... [ all ] i'm with scottrade.
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good morning.
6:58 am
i'm chris jansing. after a weekend of tears, mourning the unthinkable, today there is a renewed commitment from the president. he made it last night in the high school across from where i'm sitting, a commitment that this time will be different. something positive will come out of the horror. that this time, the deaths of 20 young children and the six women who died here in newtown will spark some kind of change. it's hard to see the faces of so many innocents. 20 first graders and the teachers and the principal who died protecting them. while the president met with the families of victims last night, he comforted the nation during remarks that he largely wrote himself. it was called the president's gettysburg address. >> in the coming weeks, i'll use whatever power this office holds to engage my fellow citizens from law enforcement to mental health professionals to parents and educators in an effort aimed at preventing more tragedies
6:59 am
like this. because what choice do we have? we can't accept events like this as routine. >> senator dianne feinstein says she will introduce an assault weapons ban. senator schumer wants restrictions on bullet clips. senator lieberman wants a national commission on mass violence. just moments ago, we learned in a news conference that authorities here are already processing the evidence from this horrific crime. they will also talk to each other and to each and every witness, even the children, something that of course will have to be handled extremely delicately. >> every single facet of the weapons will be analyzed, every single round of ammunition will be looked at and examined for any kind of physical evidence. i alluded yesterday to the volume of rounds, for example, that were seized or recovered. each singular round

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